Earn together with collabs

Your future customers are on someone else's email list. Bundle subscription offerings. Cross-promote. Share revenue. Grow together.


Achieve networked growth through bundling and cross-promotion

Add your offering to Subkit as a digital, physical, or session subscription product. Bundle it with other businesses to increase your reach to their audiences. Share revenue from combined subscribers.

Turn your product, expertise, or service into predictable recurring revenue

Start a subscription offering in minutes. Get a hosted high-SEO profile page built for conversion and an out-of-the-box membership hub for your subscribers. All designed to help you grow recurring revenue organically.

Turn your email list and social media followers into paying subscribers

Our step-by-step process will help you get to know your potential subscribers, figure out exactly what they want (and what they're willing to pay for it), and build a 'must have' subscription plan they'll never cancel.

Collabs: An easier path to high growth

You can bundle your subscription products (physical, digital, or sessions) with other businesses already on Subkit or invite other businesses. From there, cross-promote and share revenue.  

The marketing tools you need for organic growth 


Whether you’re a consultant, coach, chef, or a maker of homemade jams, we have you covered with tools that will help you build awareness, connect to your customers, and accelerate revenue growth.

Offer physical products, paid newsletters, video/audio library, and sessions.
Bundle subscription products with other businesses to cross-promote, gain more subscribers, and share revenue.
Schedule in-person or virtual sessions with groups or 1-1, paid or free.
Create subscription plans with flexible billing cycles, itemized features, and free trials.
Set up subscription model specific, ongoing, two-sided referral programs for viral growth.
Create one-time or ongoing discount coupons for your founding members and other special customers.
Upload your email list and send your subscriber-only digital content + promotional messages via high open rate email campaigns.
Pre-launch your plans with waitlists and a pricing survey to build buzz, gauge demand and determine a winning price.

What our customers say

"Subkit has been transformative for my business and my personal growth. I had been looking for a subscription business model for 30 years and it wasn't until the team at Subkit reached out to me that I saw the possibilities. Since implementing my new subscription model I have finally been able to achieve that elusive goal of making money while I sleep instead of waking up each day and re-inventing the wheel to generate new revenue.”

"Ever since I started my Subkit, I have felt a new value in my work and a renewed commitment to helping people from all over the world with their surfing practices. The platform is intuitive, straightforward, and has enough built-in flexibility to infinitely tweak and refine one's profile and products. The back-end team is incredibly supportive of technical issues and advice on how best to package and market one's skills. Couldn't be more stoked to grow my brand using this platform. "

"Subkit has completely taken the guess work and tech difficulties out of a subscription membership. The platform is very easy to use and the team is extremely accessible and so helpful in solving any questions. A true bonus is their expertise is SEO, marketing and best practice for creating and managing a successful subscription service and they are adding improvements monthly."


Sign up and create your business

Easy peasy. Sign up with your email address and business name, choose a URL and upload your logo.

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Add a product or service you want to sell

Simply add product details and an image.

Choose between:

Physical Products

Offer local or shipped goods.

Examples: Curated Packages, Coffee, Bread, Chocolate, Honey, Pet Food, etc. 

Content Products

Deliver multi-media content to subscribers' inboxes.

Examples: Newsletters, Video/Audio Library, Podcasts, Tutorials, and Articles.

Session Products

Host in-person or online group meetings, 1-on-1 sessions or provide scheduled services.

Examples: Fitness/Wellness Classes, Coaching, Meetups, Professional Education, Masterminds, Scheduled In-Person Services.


Create a subscription plan

Choose a name and description, attach products, and set price and fulfillment. 


You're ready to start earning recurring revenue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

It's completely free until you make revenue on Subkit. We don't earn if you don't earn. After that, there is an 8% platform fee capped at $99/mo max.

What kind of products are supported?

Physical products you can ship, deliver, or get picked up. Digital products like content, newsletters, and video/audio library. Session products like classes, activities, and events, online or in person. All can be bundled with each other.

How long does it take to set up?

As little as 10 minutes — and we are always available to get on a call with you and set things up together.

When will Subkit be available to the public?

We’re working hard to make the best product possible and won’t make Subkit public until we’re confident it’s easy to use for all entrepreneurs. If you’re interested in trying it out, you can request early access below.

Request early access

We're giving a select group of entrepreneurs access to our invite-only platform before opening it up to the public.