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Surviving September

Janice Webber
Janice WebberPublished on October 04, 2022

The 3 P’s Art Academy​September came and went and what a month it’s been!

While Hurricane Fiona did take a toll on us, we did start the month off with great momentum. I wanted to highlight a few things 3 P’s Art has been up to.

I entered an online art show w​h​ere two of my pieces (one painting and one photograph) were selected to be juried. This was a phenomenal experience. You can see the “Autumn” painting here and the “Waiting” photograph here. Feel feel to browse the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery as well. We also found a home for the painting below - The Wave. This painting was done in oils to get the full effect, energy, and movement of waves crashing upon the ocean. It now resides in Vancouver and it is the perfect home for this painting.


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