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Bryan Altimas Elle Baldry
Bryan Altimas Elle BaldryPublished on April 12, 2023

Bryan and Elle have made it their mission to bring a fresh approach to cyber security. No scaremongering tectics here, in fact they are all about empowerment and education.

Are you ready to stop feeling like you have water in your ears when it comes to the tech and security side of your business?

Then listen up!

Sign up to our monthly membership and recieve enough content to help yourself and your business be more secure but not so much you feel overwhelmed.

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Cyber Confident Monthly Membership

£30 /month

With Bryan's extensive career in Cyber Security (over 20 years!) and Elle's technical skills and know-how (she is a process and systems strategist) the monthly content is designed to help you month on month to lay a foundation of good practice.

Getting away from the telling-off style that some IT firms employ we are here to help you create an environment where learning is good, and that small changes can have big impacts.

So what are you waiting for?

Come and Join us today!

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