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Science-Based Burnout Management Workshops

Ty McKinney
Calgary, AB, Canada

8 Bit Cortex is passionate about reducing both the financial and human cost of burnout for companies and making the workplace more inclusive for those struggling with mental health challenges. To achieve this, we are developing a gamified mental wellness tracking app with burnout prediction alerts:

Until our app is fully developed, we are using it as an interactive learning tool for our workplace wellness workshops to help link the theoretical concepts discussed with your own experience and personal data.

Subkit subscribers will get early access to a monthly webinar workshop where we discuss the neuroscience that underlies psychological wellness, new features of our app, and how to use this new knowledge to level up their burnout management strategy. Additionally, subscribers will get access to exclusive Q&A with Dr. Ty "the NeuroGuy" McKinney, who brings over 10 years of brain health research expertise, 2 years of clinical psychology training and over 5 years of teaching experience to guiding you on your journey to improved psychological wellness.

Topics include:

ADHD and Entrepreneurship

How Mindfulness can Accelerate your Business Goals

Personality Science in the Workplace

Foundations of Neurodiversity

Note: Dr. McKinney is NOT a clinical psychologist and these workshops are not intended to replace therapy or other medical treatments, but as an educational experience to learn about the science that underlies self-help therapeutic methods.

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