The solo entrepreneur is the future.

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Your success is our obsession.

Subkit helps regular everyday people go solo and achieve work independence on their own terms.

To all the dreamers out there who want to start, run or grow a service, we're here. There's a new, better way of doing things to achieve real long-term success.

Success illustration

Success looks different with Subkit.

Imagine a world where you...

Build audience

Build your own audience on your own platform and own both.

Bank revenue

Bank all your revenue, and don't pay anyone else a cut.

Access tools

Access essential tools at a fraction of the current cost.

Work life balance

Achieve work-life balance to spend your time however you want.

New customers

Activate network effects to expand your customer base.

Foster community

Foster growth and connections in your community.


We believe you should own your audience instead of building it on other people's platforms.

We believe you should grow your audience organically instead of relying on ad networks.

We believe you should keep your revenue instead of paying high commissions.

Subkit makes all of this possible.

We’re building a global community of...

Solo entrepreneurs, changemakers, dreamers, and doers who believe in local, believe in people, and believe in creating value for generations to come.

If you believe in this future, join us.

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