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Divine Union and Book Writing Guide

Acacia Lawson
Glasgow, UK

Hi and welcome to my community!

My name is Acacia and I'm a Divine Union Guide and Book Writing Coach.

I have a few soul missions but the main two are helping people come into their physical Divine Union (Hieros Gamos) and assisting them in starting, editing and publishing their book - the one that is deep inside of them and needs to come out to the public.

Growing up in Kansas, I realized my love of books (reading every book in my grade school library) and my love of helping people, but never understood how I could have a job doing what I love!

After a successful 11 year career in NYC, I headed to Bali following a severe burnout that left me questioning why I was on earth. My winding spiritual path led me back to my writing and oil painting, fluidly combining with years of coaching people and teaching yoga.

After publishing my first book last year, I'm currently working on my second book and hosting book writing groups on FB, along with coaching private clients.

I enjoy guiding people into their Divine Union Alignment (Sacred Union/Hieros Gamos) in order to live their highest timeline with their Divine Counterpart.

All of my work is to help human souls on their journey to fulfill their soul missions and contracts, and to create the life they truly desire to live!

For more information or to connect with Acacia, please go to or her Facebook page at

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