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Adam Weinmann
Toronto, ON, Canada

Hi! My name is Adam and as a dietitian and nutrition coach, I strive to help people make sense of the often conflicting nutrition information out there. I’m here to provide science-based guidance to support your health goals, whatever they may be.

Whether you want to follow a paleo, keto, vegan or low-FODMAP diet, or simply want to feel better, I can work with you to do so safely, tailoring your plan to match your unique needs. And, I do all this in a body-positive and non-judgmental space.

While I love helping folks with all sorts of nutrition concerns, my biggest area of interest is in nutrition and the brain: we have more and more scientific evidence that our diet can dramatically influence our mood, our focus and our mental energy.

I’m passionate about helping people go from stressed and overwhelmed to calm and in control, using the power of food!

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