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Adapt Grow Fit

Andrei Mellas
Novi, MI, USA

Adapt Grow Fitness is an all-inclusive online wellness lifestyle brand with an emphasis on fitness and nutrition programming providing highly motivated clients a personalized and custom approach to getting the body of their dreams. My clients that achieve the best results all have one common trait: a great work ethic.

Ready to show up and do the work. They are autonomous and are looking for the right way to get started to save both time and money - and headaches. The majority of people I speak to have analysis paralysis. Too many options. Which prevents progress and makes action sticky, and makes habit formation difficult. Investing in your health does also mean there needs to be some money available which does present an issue sometimes. But I am more than happy to work my services into anybody's budget. With this type of business model, my success is inextricably linked to my client's success.

I love working with and meeting people from all walks of life. In fact, I get the question often, "who is my avatar?" Well, anyone and everyone who has a desire to learn and work with me. I meet everybody exactly where they are at on their fitness journey and do not cherry-pick my clients. I believe that is done in bad faith. I believe I have skills and experience which transcends simply situps and pushups and if someone is willing to do the work. I am more than happy to support and help in that endeavor.

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