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Jessica Covington
Atlanta, GA, USA

Hey, I’m Jessica!  I’m a mom, wife and realistic optimist at heart.  I’m excited you’re here!  

I’m also a dancer, lifelong learner, meditator, athlete, teacher, connector, organizer, science nerd, guide, and voracious reader (but not one page of fiction).  I have a very busy brain of my own and even on my most distracted days, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I’m happiest when I’m in the dance studio, on the beach or deep in the woods, ….or when I’m changing the worldview on ADHD to one of strength and creativity.  

I’ve been teaching others dance and fitness since the first time headbands and leg warmers were cool, and took a tour through the workaday world via human resources.  Recruitment and development were my HR specialties because I love making the perfect match between people and the work they love, and helping them do it really well.  

My coaching blends all my previous experience and training (I'm an ACE Certified Health Coach too):  recruitment, development, dance, health coaching and parenting.  Together, we work with four key elements: 

Exercise (the right kind for ADHD!)

Nutrition (also, special for ADHD)

Metacognition & Mindfulness (you guessed it…different!)

Systems, Habits & Tools (in a cute acronym: “SHT”)

Helping you find the brilliance in the chaos of ADHD is what I’m all about.  If that sounds good to you, join me!

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