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Ayala & Holly
Ayala & HollyPublished on June 02, 2021

In case you missed it, I want to introduce you to who Flair Media is and how you can benefit from our Subkit subscription.

Who is Flair Media?

Firstly, Hello! My Name is Ayala, and I am one half of Flair Media otherwise known as the Flair girls. Flair was founded in 2018 when my business partner Holly and I utilized our enthusiasm for video and joined forces to create top-quality content.

Now venturing as far and wide as video can take us, we aim to produce content to benefit and satisfy consumers. From commercial to intimate events, we cover everything with emotion and passion.

Our videos are designed to capture and keep the viewers’ attention, through the use of aesthetic visuals and engaging informative content. We work closely with businesses to create productive content that appeals to their target audience allowing them to stand out from their competitors...

What is our Subkit about?

Video done right can transform your business and make you unforgettable within your industry. We'll be giving our business community of subscribers top tips, actionable insights, and all the video how-to's for £15 a month and sharing real stories of businesses we’ve helped. This will also include a one-off 1-2-1 looking into your business’ current pages and delving in on how you can maximize your potential.

Intro to our Subkit -

What's to come in June -

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