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Exciting News From Alma Home & Vintage

Alisa Stephenson
Alisa StephensonPublished on May 31, 2022

Hello Alma Home & Vintage community,

We're ecstatic to announce our new Seasonal Subscription Box!

We wanted to make it easier than ever to live a stylish and sustainable life and our quarterly boxes will contain an assortment of seasonal home goods, including eco-friendly and handmade items from local Canadian artists.

You can learn more about our subscription box by clicking the Details link below.

Alma Home and Vintage Subscription Plans

Alma Home & Vintage Seasonal Subscription Box

$139 /(3 months)

Our first box, filled with items to brighten your home for breezy summertime living, will ship in early/mid June and we're so excited for you to receive them. We're thrilled to offer these boxes at a special rate just for you - by subscribing you save + you can cancel anytime!

We hope these seasonal boxes will allow you to create mindfully curated, joyful spaces in your homes. As a special treat, our winter boxes will include handmade minimalist boho holiday decor, designed in-house by yours truly!

We can't wait to help you create stylish spaces in an environmentally-friendly and budget-conscious way.


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