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Amy Kaufman
Amy KaufmanPublished on August 02, 2022

Good morning everyone.  Happy Tuesday.  We all like to be comfortable.  Soft cotton over itchy wool?  Yes please.  70 degree days are the perfect compromise between too hot and too cold.  A mattress that isn't too hard or too soft.  Comfort is key to a smooth start and finish to our day.  As great as it sounds the redundancy and predictability can also be stifling.  Growth cannot take place in stagnation.

Today's quote is, "Exploration takes a willingness to accept and embrace fear challenges and anything else that brings discomfort to the surface."  Fear is an emotion that most of us can do without but sometimes fear is what we need to move forward.  We can be fearful of both staying and leaving our comfort zone.  Its up to us to decide which is worse.  

Change is hard.  It takes inner strength and a willingness to overcome all the emotions and feelings that come with it whether its introducing a new breakfast to our palate, wearing a color we never wore before or taking your life on a completely different course.   

The choice is and always will be yours. 

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