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Cassie Jones
Kansas City, MO, USA

I am a mother of two boys, 13 and 1, and I have a little girl on the way in November. I got into this busy because years ago, I had a friend by the name of Alex who won’t mention her last name. But she brought me a big bag of different perfumes and sprays, and she literally went through them all to tell me which ones were good together and the smells. From there, I was literally in love with scents; this was back in middle school so long time ago. I kind of ventured off to other things, and now, at 33, I’m back, ready to dig in and see what all the smells are like. The thing or people I should say that motivates me is my kids and my mother. When I first pitched the idea to her, she was like, go for it, you know. And from day one, she had been the most supportive of me because she was so proud. She was my go-to for every new scent or candle I created because she gave honest advice and didn’t hold back. I lost her back in Oct of 2021, which has been the hardest thing, but I’ve pushed forward because I know she wants me to succeed any anything that I want to do in life, and that’s all she wanted.

My business is soy candles and all-natural body care products for all skin types. My customers are those who love a great scent for their home or office. Those who have been looking for something long-term that won’t break their skin or cause irritation. Someone who enjoys some new and different to stick with for years to come.

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