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Hormonal Harmony

David Hellman
David HellmanPublished on July 20, 2022

Just finished the first day of A4M Longevity Conference.  The information provided at this conference is great.Some of the topics include the importance of boosting immunity, living healthier and having a sharper mind, the same themes keep popping up.Also get good nutrients! Eat a nutrient dense diet to achieve optimal vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Nutrition is more than just “calories”!Reduce inflammation, again nutrition and lifestyle. Optimize hormones. Thyroid directly effects immune response along with the sex hormones, cortisol and insulin.At Aspen Grey this is what I call Hormonal Harmony. In this pandemic it is paramount that you do all you can to be immune efficient. I don’t want to see you in my Emergency Department.Stay healthy and sharp!Dr David Hellman

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