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25 Things to Do To Generate More Business: The Complete List

Larry Easto
Larry EastoPublished on June 01, 2022

About a month ago, I started a series of articles addressing 25
things to stop doing if you want more new business for your service business.

If you want to check out any of the ineffective actions, here are the
five articles that identified the things to stop doing:

·      Want More New Business for Your Service Business? STOP Doing These 25 Things!

·      Five More Things To Stop Doing If You Want More New Business

·      Another Five Things To Stop---But Only If You Want More New Business

·      For New Business, Here Is The Next-To-Last Group Of 5 Things To Stop Doing

·      The Final Five (of 25) Things To Stop Doing To Generate More New Business

The silver lining of ineffective marketing practices is that they
represent opportunities for improvement. 

Ever the optimist, I used these practices as point for addressing
the 25 Essential Actions To Generate More New Business.

Here are these 25 essential actions, starting with the easiest and ending with the most important and probably most difficult.

25. Open Your Mind To Change

24. Become More Mindful

23. Listen More Than You Talk

22. Gather As Much Accurate Relevant, Information As

21. Share Helpful Information

20. Under-promise and Over-deliver

19. Use Storytelling To Help Educate Your Audience

18. Customize Third Party Solutions

17. Market Authentically

16. Reach out To Strangers Strategically & Effectively

15. Keep In Touch

14. Do What You Do Best, Delegate The Rest

13. Listen Carefully

12. Deliver Memorable Client Experiences

11. Showcase Your Best Self

10. Guarantee Client Satisfaction

9. Trust Your Intuition

8. Value-Based Pricing

7. Attract Ideal Clients

6. Ask For What You Want

5. Cultivate Your Go-To Support Experts

4. Compelling Reason For Ideal Clients To Choose You

3. Continuous Improvement

2. Personal Branding

1. Live Your Passion, Purpose & Vision

What Next?

Reflecting on these lists, it seems to me that the outcome also represent an ideal learning opportunity.

Why not do a deeper dive into each of the 25 essential actions, but deliver the content in short, easily processed chunks of information?

A series of self-study questions could help participants apply the key concepts of each essential action to their own unique situations.

And for those participants who wanted to dive deeper into specific actions, links to other helpful resources might be a valuable addition.

As a result, all participants could benefit from all content and follow-up actions. 

The value of the benefits that individual participants would depend upon their own needs and how deeply they dive into the content and
additional resources.

Definitely something to think about…I’ll get back to you once I’ve given it more thought.



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