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Attractive Characters Are Polarizing, But In A Good Way

Larry Easto
Larry EastoPublished on August 25, 2022

My most recent article introduced the concept of sharing what might be considered
character flaws. 

The rational for this suggestion is to present yourself as more real and believable, which can in turn help make you more attractive to potentially ideal clients.

Consistent with this seemingly unconventional approach, is that in addition to having “character flaws”, being polarizing can also add to your attractiveness.

In many professions and service industries, adopting a polarizing point of view is tantamount to breaking an industry rule.

Driven by conformity and consensus, established leaders in their fields invariably object to others who separate themselves from the norm and stand out from the crowd.

A Polarizing Point Of View Distinguishes You From Competitors

From a marketing perspective, there is nothing wrong with a polarizing point of view.

At the very least, such a point of view will help distinguish you from look-alike competitors in a crowded marketplace.

It's worth noting that polarized does not necessarily imply two opposite
opinions, it implies two different opinions.

In addition to the ability to distinguish you and your service from all others, a
polarizing viewpoint offers significant marketing benefits.

Build A Loyal Following

Resonating with your target market, a polarizing point of view is the magic ingredient that helps attract and retain like-minded clients.

It's like what happens when the comments of a really good speaker make you feel that he or she is reading your mind.

Instead of hearing a rehash of the same-old tired ideas, the speaker strikes a common chord. There is a commonality that makes you say “Yes!! Exactly what I'm thinking!”

On My Own

Unintentionally, it was a polarizing point of view that was the catalyst for going out on my own and starting my own law practice.

As an employee of a small law firm, among other frustrations, I was unhappy with the quality of legal services available to small businesses.

This concern combined with increasing irritation with my stuck-in-the-past boss, led to starting my own practice, with the stated purpose of focusing on small business legal needs.

Not surprisingly, the other lawyers in the area were unimpressed, finding my
initiative offensive to say the least.

Happily, my target clients--owners of small businesses, including self-employed service providers-- welcomed my focused approach.

Starting from a few local believers, my client base grew to include many target and ideal clients from three surrounding counties.

Again, not surprisingly, as non-believers, the local lawyers remained unimpressed.

Once again quoting Russel Brunson:

Attractive Characters are typically very
polarizing. They
share their opinions on hard matters and
they stick to their guns—no matter how many people disagree with them. They draw a line in the sand. And when they take a stand for what they believe in
, the split the audience into three camps: those who agree with them, those who are neutral, and those who will disagree with them. As you start to create that polarization, it will change your
fair-weather fans into diehard fans
who will follow what
you say, share your business and buy from you over and over again.
(Source: Russell Brunson)

Resonate With Target Clients … Or Avoid Offending Others?

Running a business, regardless of its size or nature, includes making a wide range of difficult and challenging decisions.

The issue of taking a polarizing point of view is one such decision.

From my experience, a polarizing position can and does resonate with target clients.

But as noted, it's not risk-free. Invariably, polarizing positions also offend others.

In my mind, resonating with target clients offers sufficient value to offset the discomfort of offending others.

In other words, connecting with like-minded and ideal clients is more important than not offending others, who may ... or probably won't ... contribute to my business.

What about you?

Are you prepared to take a polarizing point of view that resonates with target clients … but risks offending others?

Why or why not?

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