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Blaze Your Own Trail To A Life Of Happiness And Prosperity

Larry Easto
Larry EastoPublished on August 17, 2022

Like many professionals, I do what I do in order to help clients make a
difference in their lives.

Throughout my career, I have cared as much about the impact that I have
had on the lives of my clients as I have about the income that my service
business has generated for my own purposes.

And like heart-centered entrepreneurs, I want to do well by doing good.

Also like heart-centered entrepreneurs, when I started to market my services, it was really, really hard for me to put myself out in the world looking for new

Among the many marketing-specific challenges that I faced was trying to align my
client-focused philosophy with the revenue-generating rationale that drives
most marketing strategies.

As I started to customize the standard marketing must do/should do practices to fit my own circumstances, the challenge of generating more new business became less problematic … and even better, new clients started to come my way.

Embrace Your Individuality

Looking back at my more than 45 years’ experience in marketing services I now recognize that as self-employed professionals, we can replace standardized
must do/should do practices with authenticity.

Instead of following experts’ instructions on what should be done, we can do what’s right for us … those factors that represent our best and true selves.

Your motives comprise the emotional core of your individuality.

What you desire defines who you are in a unique and deeply personal matter.

If you want a client-focused approach to generating new business as well as serving clients, go for it…you can do it.

Blaze Your Own Trail

The Dark Horse Project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, tells us that Dark horses blaze their own trail to a life of happiness and prosperity.

The secret is a mindset that can be expressed in plain English: Harness your individuality in the pursuit of fulfillment to achieve excellence.

Quoting from the book Dark Horse, by bestselling author and acclaimed thought leader Todd Rose and neuroscientist Ogi Ogas:

 “The only way to ensure that your individuality truly matters is by honouring your most heartfelt yearnings and aspirations. 
When you engage in activities that are congruent with your true motives,
your journey will be compelling and satisfying. If you misjudge or ignore your motives, your progress will be plodding and dreary…”
(Source: Dark Horse Project)

Understanding the genuine nature of your motivation is essential for you to attain fulfillment, because only by tapping into your own unique motives will you feel a sense of authenticity, meaning and completeness. 

Your own unique motives also make a significant contribution to your marketing in general and your personal brand in particular.

Showcase Your Individuality

Given that your personal brand defines who you are and how you help clients, it represents the ideal vehicle for showcasing your individuality.

Keeping in mind that you are your brand, no matter what service you provide,
what clients you happen to be serving or whatever today’s priority happens to

It’s important to recognize the impact you leave on others. Keeping a positive attitude and helping others will only help healthily grow your brand in the long run.

When it comes to building brand awareness, there is no better way than including variations of your brand story in all of your marketing communications .

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Your Turn

Based upon the Black Horse quotation above, let’s clarify your individuality.

For purposes of your service business, what are:

·      your most heartfelt yearnings and aspirations?

·      true motives

How can you incorporate these factors into your brand strategy?

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