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Generating More New Business Is More Than Just Marketing…

Larry Easto
Larry EastoPublished on July 25, 2022

…and it’s also more than marketing skills and know-how!

If you want more new business, it’s important to include some actions that are not necessarily marketing-specific.

For example, you must be prepared to ask for a variety of things you may need to support your marketing initiative.

And you will probably have to stop doing things the way they have always been done. 

Remember that when we continue to do what we’ve already done, we’ll probably get the results that we have always gotten.

If you want better results from your marketing, you will need better actions to produce those improved results.

I created my new subscription plan 6 Essential Actions To Generate More New Business with that exact purpose in mind: to help you take better actions to generate more new business for your service business.

These actions are more than just marketing theory and hype.

In addition to marketing-specific factors they include attitudinal and behavioural elements that also play a important role in marketing.

This plan includes six topics addressed twice monthly:

1. Ask For What You Want

2. Attract Ideal Clients

3. Become More Mindful

4. Your Compelling Reason For Ideal Clients To Choose You

5. Continuous Improvement

6. Cultivate Your Go-To Support Experts

I invite you to check out this new plan … and better still, give it a try. 

You can try the first lesson FREE!




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