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Authentic Marketing For Service Professionals

Stop Marketing Your Services Without These Strategies!

Larry Easto
Larry EastoPublished on July 21, 2022

With all of the hype and hustle of promoting the latest marketing bells and whistles, there is one important factor missing.

For small service businesses, successful marketing is not driven by state-of-the-art automation, slick promotion or smooth sales pitches.

For those of us who earn a living as self-employed professionals, working alone or with a few like-minded colleagues, successful marketing is based upon building and maintaining sound relationships with our clients.

And as has been the case from the time that self-employed professionals found it necessary to promote, or otherwise market, their services four key strategies have supported building and maintaining these relationships.

These tried and true, time-tested strategies are:

1.  Generating Referrals

2.   Networking

3.   Contacting Strangers and

4.    Keeping In Touch

Certainly, technological advances have made it easier to apply these strategies. 

For example, social media in all its many forms has made it possible to expand the reach of these fundamental strategies as well as increase their effectiveness.

Long story short: if the manner in which you market your services does not support at least one of these relationship-building strategies, you are probably wasting precious resources.

Two Learning Options

A couple of years ago, I prepared a 12-lesson video course to help professionals learn more about the best strategies for marketing services and how to apply them effectively.

I have recently repurposed this video content into a subscription plan.  My intention in doing this was to make the lessons of this course more accessible to more people who will benefit from them.

I also upgraded the original video course by adding two free Laser Coaching sessions.

Whether in the original video course format or the subscription plan, participants will learn what they need to know about the best marketing strategies for marketing services, including how to apply them effectively.

As a result, each of these two options will help you increase the effectiveness of your marketing and as a result…generate more new business.

The Best Authentic Marketing Strategies For Service Professionals

As noted above, this 12-lesson video course has been upgraded by the addition of two free Laser Coaching sessions.

If you are comfortable with self-study and independent learning, this course will be right for you.

It also delivers more bang for your marketing buck: it deliver more than $3.00 worth of value for every $1.00of the course fee. Check it out

Marketing 101 For Service Professionals

This is the repurposed subscription version of the video course.

In this plan you will receive the same 12 video lessons, twice monthly for six months.

It also includes access to a closed LinkedIn group where you can raise questions or
comments about the content and also network with other course participants.

With the subscription paid monthly,  this is a pay as you approach, which incidentally also saves you about 40% over the price of the full video program. Check it out

What’s that you say…you would like different help with marketing your services?

Check out 25 Essential Actions for Service Professionals To Generate More New Business,  which will be launched next week.

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