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Larry Easto
Larry EastoPublished on May 28, 2022

If you provide professional services of any kind and wantmore new business, congratulations…you are at the right place.

Even better if you care as much about the impact you have onyour clients’ lives as you do about the income you generate for yourself. 

In effect, you want to do well by doing good … and I’d like to help you.


If you have struggled with this crazy thing called marketing,you can relax … it’s not your fault.

Chances are good to excellent that like me, your professionaleducation and training included little, if any, instruction in the art ofattracting new clients or generating more new business.

And to make matters worse, most current marketing training,whether online or off, is based on the principles of selling mass-produced consumer goods and commodities.   

Sure there are recognized experts and authorities who offer someform of marketing training for service-providers like you.

But more often than not, their marketing solutions take theform of standardized, one-size-fits-all approaches.

Typically these approaches are based on the premise: this worked for me and if you exactly what I tell you to do, it will also work for you.

You Are Unique

No one else, anywhere in the world, has exactly the same combinationof skills, training and experience as you. This means that no one else servesand satisfies clients the same way that you do.

Do potentially ideal clients know what distinguishes youfrom competitors who offer comparable services? And do these same potential clientsunderstand and appreciate how your distinctiveness will benefit them?

Probably not.

Authentic Marketing

With authentic marketing you can showcase your true authentic self, your best stuff. 

You can attract more ideal clients as naturally and effectively as you serve and satisfy existing clients.

Authentic marketing is not so much a scientific formula-driven approach as it is the philosophy of attracting and serving clients much the same way that we make friends and maintain inter-personal relationships.

Instead of massive information dumps (the most common cause of Too Much Information or TMI) here at Subkit, we can apply the principles of experiential learning. 

In practice, this means sharing experiences and figuring out how to apply the key concepts to align with your unique situation and meet your individual needs. 

Isn’t that a better way to learn than a boring talking head dumping information and telling you what you should do?

In terms of format, content will be delivered in a variety of plans. 

Some will be free, other will have a low monthly subscription price, while others with more robust content will be premium priced.

Regardless of format, all subscription plans will have the same purpose:

to help you generate more new business for your service business.

And how will that feel…to have more of the new business thatyou want … and deserve?

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