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What Does Your Brand (Or Your Service) Promise?

Larry Easto
Larry EastoPublished on August 11, 2022

Among the many benefits of Personal Branding is that it helps us maintain a clear focus in world that is frequently chaotic and confusing.

When it comes to advertising, public relations and media coverage, too many people default to trying to be all things to all people.

With the help of the focusing power of Personal Branding, it’s easier to define your key message and stick to it.

Keeping your message focused for your target audience and ideals will also simplify the process of creating viewer-friendly content. 

As a result, your marketing messaging is fully aligned with your personal brand, which in turn will help potentially ideal clients understand how you can help them

Adam Smiley Poswolsky, author of The Breakthrough Speaker,  suggests:

“Carve a niche, and then carve a niche within your niche.
The best personal brands are very specific.”
(Source: Adam Smiley Poswolsky)

It's About Consistency

By keeping your messaging consistently focused on your brand is, you help
potentially ideal clients remember who you are and how you can help them.

When it comes time to hire a professional who can help them, your consistent brand will be what they remember.

Like having a clearly defined focus, consistency makes it easier to get recognized as an expert in your field if you consistently create content around your brand.

It’s important that all aspects of your brand … especially your brand promise … are consistent both online and offline.

Inconsistencies, both large and small, can weaken and handicap even the strongest of brands.

Live Your Brand

Perhaps the most damaging of inconsistencies are those situations in which individual’s personal lives do not match their personal brands.

There is no better way to make building a personal brand more difficult than it needs to be by separating your brand from personal life.

As professionals, we
are our personal brands and vice versa. Our brands demonstrate who we are, what
we believe and what we stand for. They are with us wherever we go.

But this need not be a problem.

Provided your personal brand reflects your true and best self, you can showcase your best stuff while authentically living your life.

Your Turn

In the section It's About Consistency, I referred to a brand promise.

By way of explanation, your brand promise is the value or experience clients
can expect to receive every single time they interact with you.

The more you can deliver on that promise, the stronger your brand value in the mind of clients.

What is your brand promise? 

In other words, whqat value or experience clients can expect to receive every single time they interact with you?

How do you help potentially clients become aware of and understand your brand promise?

And speaking of brand promise, if yours is not attracting as many new clients as you want, you might check out How Personal Branding Generates More New Business.

This video course wil help you learn what you need to know to develop a brand
promised on you serve and satisfy clients.

And in the FREE laser coaching  which is included for a limited time, we can rework and refine your brand promise to your satisfaction.

Let’s create that compelling brand promise that will help you generate more of those ideal clients that you want … and deserve.

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