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Sofia Kesela
Sofia KeselaPublished on August 18, 2022

"Why yoga?" - I hear this question weekly from people who see yoga as a fitness performance, like so many in the west, asking what my start-up is about.

Since a very young age, I have had a keen interest in social justice and holistic well-being, hence my studies and early professional career in social sciences. I have always been driven to see us, humans, as active subjects rather than passive objects, and believe that each one of us can unlock our truest potential and live life happy and with a sense of purpouse. As we all know, in our modern societies, access to health care and therapy isn't so straightforward; it relies a lot on individuals' socioeconomic status.

In 2016 my life changed when I traveled to Mumbai, India, to study authentic Yoga practice. I found the ancient practice to be very beautiful, filled with methods, philosophies, and tools to take care of ourselves as a whole, our minds, bodies, and spirits holistically. The most compelling part of the authentic practice is that it teaches you to take responsibility for your own health, magnifying individuals' self-reliance and empowerment. The only requirement to start the practice is an open heart and some self-discipline.

As a social counselor, my job has always been to make myself unemployed, but our modern societies' methods and resources have a slight change to be enough to aid every citizen; that's why I felt so compelled to share the wisdom I learned in India and their intangible cultural heritage to others as well. To share the wisdom that we all have what it takes to find balance, peace, and happiness, despite our environment.

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