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Azita Papaie
Montreal, QC, Canada

After graduating from university, I did what I was recommended to do. I found a job in a hospital to gain some experience. Since that was a part-time position, I found another part-time job in a private clinic. That gave me the chance to gain experience in both those environments. After a couple of years of hard and long work hours, I paid my student loan. It was time to focus on my family. Returning from maternity leave to my part-time position at the hospital was not difficult but competing with 28 other more senior therapists over holidays and vacations was an impossible challenge. The inflexibility of work hours and duration of breaks was another issue.

To maintain my family’s and my own quality of life, I decided to quit working at the hospital and start my own business. In the beginning, I did not have many clients. I worked part-time positions in private clinics as an independent consultant, and I chose my work hours. Until baby number 2 graduated from primary school, I was the volunteer mom at every event, outing, and committee. When the kids became more independent in high school, I started my full-time position in my own clinic.

I love my profession, and I love helping people. Every day, I cannot wait to see every one of my clients to hear their stories about how they felt after the previous session. What helped them and what did not. What technique did I use that gave the best result, and if not, what other direction could our treatment take. What challenges the new client is going to bring me. What their story is going to be like. I feel like Sherlock Holmes trying to solve the musculoskeletal, psychological, sociological, and hormonal...complications of fellow human beings. Give them the best advice I can to guide them through their journey of finding satisfaction with their path in life.

I am a physiotherapist and owner of Azita Physio. I have a holistic approach to musculoskeletal pain and pelvic problems, both in men and women in the whole spectrum of their life from puberty to fertilitypregnancy, postpartum, and menopause. The biopsychosocial model stresses treating people as a whole and considering every person unique in their life situation. With my extensive training and experience, I can find the relation between ankle pain and inguinal hernia, chronic neck pain and tight scar of cesarean delivery of 32 years, diverticulitis and knee pain, coccyx injury, and scoliosis, IBS and chronic headaches.

Some basic nutrition and stress management advice can make a huge difference in people’s tangled lives. When the advice comes in a friendly discussion and collective conclusion, both parties will be happy. The client will achieve their goals, and I will achieve the satisfaction of having another successful collaboration.

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