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3 Tips to a Healthier Life!

Bailey Fitzgerald
Bailey FitzgeraldPublished on June 03, 2022

Happy Friday!

Today I want to share with you 3 healthy eating tips that won't compromise your relationship with food!


Instead of trying to restrict and cut out foods, think about what you can add to your meals instead to make them more nutritious and balanced!

-add yogurt plus fresh fruit to cereal

-add a piece of fruit to a snack


Try choosing more nutritious alternatives to something you currently eat!

Make sure it is a realistic alternative (i.e., one that's tasty and satisfying!) or it's not going to be a suitable swap.

-swap to whole grain bread

-swap to grainy or seed crackers


Set yourself the challenge of trying a new healthy recipe each week! OR buy a fruit, vegetable, or grain you haven't tried before or don't usually eat to include that week!


Part of a healthy diet is having a healthy relationship with food. That means actually enjoying the foods you eat, feeling satisfied with your meals, and having balance to still include some less nutritious foods.

* Think balance and consistency over perfection and deprivation!*

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