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Bailey Fitzgerald
Bailey FitzgeraldPublished on May 27, 2022

Hi Friend!

I'm Bailey, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who has always been inspired by food and it's ability to promote overall health and wellness and I'm pleased to announce my new subscription plans:

Bailey Fitzgerald Holistic Health + Nutrition Subscription Plans

1:1 Holistic Health + Nutrition Consultations

$120 /month

Balance by Bail in your inbox

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If you want to learn how to properly fuel your body for optimal functioning and health, I'll now be offering my services via a monthly subscription through Subkit to help you live the best life possible :)

My services will include:

A members only newletter including digital health and wellness content [tips and tricks on how to live a more balanced lifestyle + new recipes each month], sent to your inbox for a small monthly fee.

1:1 nutrition counselling, including a complementary intake session discussing your health history and creating your personalized protocol + two 30-minute (bi-weekly) virtual consults each month + ongoing support throughout the month.

If you're not quite ready to take the leap, thats okay! Stay tuned for more FREE health & nutrition content via email!

Please check it out, and subscribe to 1:1 or join the content waitlist. :)

Big hugs,

Bailey xo

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