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The perfect cookie does exist!

Arielle Sandy
Arielle SandyPublished on March 08, 2022

Hey you, yeah YOU. You're here because, like myself, you love a good cookie. One made with quality ingredients that is soft and chewy in the middle with just the right amount of crisp on the edge. Just one bite and all of your worries are no more.

You're in the right place. Our cookie subscription will provide you with just that. But it gets so much better. With this subscription plan, you get to experience the perfect cookie in... wait for it... in 3 different flavors of your choice. Yep that's right, THREE. Every single month. Delivered directly to your doorstep! *Dramatic mic drop*

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Curated Cookie Club

$29.99 /month

It doesn't get any better than this. We provide the perfect cookie vacation for your tastebuds- you just have to book your trip. We'd love to have you! Join our club and allow us to deliver pure joy in a box right to you, each month.

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