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Be 8nfinite

Negin Khorasani
Beaverton, ON L0K 1A0, Canada

Be 8nfinite offers a platform for online transformative learning to realign you with the wisdom of your heart, your inner balance, life purpose, and highest potential to bring the quality you desire in all areas of your life. We have various one on one as well as group transformational coaching and wholistic health classes to dive deeper into understanding your deepest longings, your innate gifts, your best version of yourself, the most valuable service you can offer the world and your perfect health. We collaborate with a global network of holistic lifestyle practitioners from different modalities such as Wholistic Nutrition, Energy Healing, Trance Work, Mindful Self-Compassion, Nonviolent Communication and many more who support you in overcoming your subconscious limiting patterns and past conditioning. Together we identify and overcome the gaps and barriers standing between you and your dream life. We are confident in providing you with the best support in a comprehensive and wholistic way on the life-changing journey you are longing to step into.

We invite YOU to embark on this journey with us. Bring your willingness to try new things and be prepared to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and what you think you know. On this path, unity of your heart and mind is key. Join us as we dare to dream.

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