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Negin  Khorasani
Negin KhorasaniPublished on July 05, 2022

You are here as you deeply long for the magnificence you can experience in your life. And I am here to remind you that you are a spark of Divinity and therefore a powerful creator, capable of designing your destiny. I am also here to offer my humble support as you dare to step on the life-changing journey you long for.

My name is Negin Khorasani and I am the founder of Be 8nfinite and a consciousness activist, educator, and coach. I have been a lifelong seeker of truth and meaning and have learned from many traditions and schools of thought. My life experiences and a long journey of self-inquiry, coupled with learnings from valuable teachers, the education and certifications that I have received have brought me to a place of supporting others in their self-development journeys. 

I have brought a highlight of my credentials that equip me to provide effective and valuable support to my clients:

- Certified Life Coach 

- Certified Heartfulness Trainer

- Certified Brighter Minds Facilitator

- PhD Student in Psychology: Consciousness Studies

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