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Keren Nafte
Toronto, ON, Canada

I was formally educated in South Africa, obtaining an undergraduate degree in the social sciences, and then went on to business school. Prior to coming to Canada, I worked for an organizational behaviour consulting firm for several years that specialized in workshop offerings to corporations. It was an amazing experience providing services to corporations that were experiencing major dynamic changes in the country due to socio-political challenges.

After a stint working at the Bank of Montreal for three years in the late 1980s, I founded BelEsprit. The goal was to offer different workshops in finance and investments primarily to the financial services industry. After completing industry accreditations and cobbling together course materials, workshops were offered from coast-to-coast and everywhere in-between to banks, insurance companies, credit unions, investment dealers, and retail clients.

After a few years, the product offering was expanded as the business evolved. A suite of new products was developed that focused on leadership, negotiations, and talent management. What was tremendously exciting was to transfer knowledge seamlessly from the social sciences (such as psychology, anthropology, and sociology) and apply it to the business world. We still continually do research with our goal to help our clients gain insights from different industries, geographies, and cultures so that they can operate their businesses more successfully.

In 2014, I was fortunate to have landed a job at the University of North Carolina Wilmington as an adjunct faculty member in their Graduate Program in Conflict Management. I taught two courses over a four year-period: One was ‘International Organizational Behaviour’ and the other ‘Decision-making and Negotiation.’

Successful businesses are run by great leaders and their teams. BelEsprit’s primary focus is to partner with those wanting to excel. Whether it is developing leadership potential, enhancing communication, or working through a conflict, BelEsprit plays a key role. Our services include executive coaching, consulting, and training workshops in different subject areas.

Over the years, customers have included asset managers, engineering firms, accountants, waste management corporations, tech start-ups, and sports organizations.

We have worked with CEOs, Presidents, chief marketing officers, chief financial officers, chief investment officers, portfolio managers, board members, senior managers, and the US Marines.

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