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Jim Taylor
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Before going into business for himself, Jim had a long and successful career with Cactus Club Cafe restaurants. Operating in multiple roles and several markets, Jim took a lead role in both the growth and financial strategies that helped make Cactus restaurants a household name in Canada.

Jim is the creator of Benchmark Sixty - A one-of-a-kind restaurant financial optimization strategy designed for restaurateurs to dramatically increase their profit margins by understanding data, implementing benchmarks, and using metrics to improve productivity. This signature platform has helped hundreds of restaurants start on the right foot, land on their feet, or position for solid growth moving forward. It has also been battle-tested during the challenging Covid-19 restrictions.

Using a proprietary strategy, Jim and his team work with restaurant operators to navigate the new normal of the restaurant industry where everything from wage structure to menu pricing and cost management have changed.

Jim's business goals are focused primarily on doing what he can to improve the overall state of the restaurant industry. Having grown up in it and witnessing firsthand the challenges it and the people working in its face, he aspires to make it better for the next generation of restaurateurs.

Ultimately Jim aims to "Change the way the entire restaurant industry looks at labor costs in order to protect profit AND employee experience."

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