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Exciting News! Leadership Subscription Options Are Here

Bill Boyajian
Bill BoyajianPublished on July 06, 2022

Thousands of you have been receiving my monthly newsletters and I'm happy to continue to provide them to you on a complimentary basis. Many of you have asked to receive my Top of Mind insights more often, weekly, in fact, and I will now be doing so for those who want to opt in for a very modest monthly subscription fee.

I am also introducing two other subscription plans, one to be part of a monthly group meeting with insights and suggestions on questions subscribers have, and another for specific one-on-one advisory/counseling sessions directed to your specific needs.

Trusted Advisor Subscription Plans

Top of Mind Weekly Newsletter

$9 /month

Top of Mind Community

$49 /month

Top of Mind 1-on-1 Mentorship

$149 /month

Click on this link to learn more and to subscribe now: subscription plans. You can cancel anytime, but I look forward to seeing you enroll in one of my plans.

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