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What Will Make You Happy?

Bill Boyajian
Bill BoyajianPublished on August 07, 2022

When I’m coaching or advising someone on next steps in almost any situation, be it personal, family, family business, or professional, I always ask the question: What will make you happy?  Everyone tends to pause because the reason they reached out in the first place is because something is wrong they need to fix and they want help in doing so.

When we think about dilemmas that hold us back, cause us to stumble, or even perhaps paralyze us to the point of freezing our intentions, we need to step back and think things through more deeply.  A young person who needs to make a career choice, two people who are dissatisfied with a marriage, a business owner who is frustrated with next steps in transition, or a couple nearing retirement with a need to plan the next 25 years, are all examples of hurdles that cause us to stumble and get in the way of business and life.

So no matter the situation, you can solve your problem, set new direction, and formulate a plan by asking the simple question: What will make you happy?  I challenge you to ask that question today, but if you need more help than this, drop me a line or give me a call.

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