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Third Eye Butterfly Meditation for Love

Cindy Ryan
Cindy RyanPublished on August 15, 2022

Happy Friday!  You will get to hear from Amanda Brooks- meditation and yoga coach as well as one passionate human.  Check out her words below:

I believe in living life with curiosity and enthusiasm which is obvious by my hobbies ranging from playing the cello to archery.With deep gratitude, I can see that these qualities, along with tenacity, have led me down this path of entrepreneurship and wellness. After years of trying to tick all the right boxes in the corporate world, I stopped thinking about "one day" and took the leap and  embraced " day one" in this chapter of alignment and fulfilling my soul's calling.There are things in life, so profound, that once they are known they can never be unknown, and the gift of cultivating a strong yoga and meditation practice is at the top of this list.Why this path? Everything about it fills me with energy, vitality and passion. This work nurtures the mind, body and soul and the benefits a practice sparks the joy of feeling GOOD.Seekers of both meditation and yoga hire me to hold a safe space for them to explore the foundational tools for their new customized practice. Clients leave my sessions feeling seen, heard, and inspired to take on the world.

You can find her at @thethirdeyebutterfly

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