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Ashley Edokpayi
Brooklyn, NY, USA

I am the Creator and Owner of Bloom Creative Multimedia Solutions, a boutique agency offering branding and storytelling for purpose-driven businesses and entrepreneurs. I focus on building powerful visual identities and growing brand awareness for my clients through soulful content and warm, eye-catching design. Bloom Creative specializes in the needs of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), and woman-owned businesses but happily partners with clientele from all industries and backgrounds.

My idea to create Bloom was initially sparked during my global travels. From January 2017 to May 2018, I worked and lived as a digital nomad across 12+ countries and would work on small communications projects with local makers, creators, and nonprofits. Since I was working full-time as a comms manager at various nonprofits at the time, I kept my ideas for my own agency on the back burner. Fast forward to May 2020 - I launched Bloom at the start of the pandemic as a side hustle to keep me busy while we were all stuck inside and to offer creative branding services to the Black woman-owned businesses that started to launch at record numbers. After another year of working in nonprofit comms, I took to leap to work for myself full time in August 2021 and haven't looked back! I wake up every day motivated by my mission and passion for supporting BIPOC makers, creators, and entrepreneurs and for helping them thrive independently.

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