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Body KineticsPublished on June 15, 2022

If you're like most people you've tried many many different diets, and you may be wondering “which diet is the best diet for me?”

The bottom line is that they all work. As long as you are on a diet that has you control what you eat in one way or another you will most likely lose weight. The major diets such as Low Carbs/Keto and Low Fat all produce the same effect - weight loss, but usually followed by weight gain. The most important factor for success in weight loss is the length of time you follow the diet.

“The average long term success rate for commercial diet programs is less than 20% (long term success is defined by losing 10% of body weight for at least one year)

If there are so many diets, and they are all effective, and the key to their effectiveness is how long you can stay on it, instead of asking which is the best diet, a better question to ask is "what diet changes can I stick with?” I often start this conversation with my clients by asking “If you were to change your diet right now, what one thing would you change?” 

The answer to that question is always the best place to start, because that’s what you feel is right and realistic for you at this point in time. Because the answer to that question comes from you, and not from a diet book telling you what to do, you will be more likely stick with it. You will own it, and take responsibility for it.

Your Best Diet 

1. starts with your current diet and tweaks it a little at a time

2. puts you in charge

3. uses your skills and creativity to solve your problems

4. allows indulgences and vacations without falling off

5. fosters self love and nurturing

6. allows you to be you

  • Body Kinetics Total Body Transformation

    Total Body Transformation is a 12 week program focused on weight loss that puts you in charge. You will not only change your diet, but also your motivation to eat well, your long term eating habits and your relationship with food.

This is not a crash diet where we give you restrictive meal plans, although we do start with a few simple rules to give you immediate success and motivation. Throughout the 12 weeks you will work on changing your key habits around eating. You will work on the "how" of losing weight, and more importantly, the "why" - the compelling reasons that change your motivation. You will work on the foundation of self nurturing that makes you eat the way you do.

Total Body Transformation is broken down as follows:

Phase One: Short Term Results

Weeks 1-3: Immediate Success

Weeks 4-6: Creating Your Best Diet 

Phase Two: Long Term Success

Weeks 6-12: Changing Habits for the Long Term

Body Kinetics Total Body Transformation includes:

  • 1. Weekly Diet instructions in your inbox including educational reading, experiential exercises, and goals

  • 2. Weekly 30-minute virtual group coaching session for accountability and motivation

  • 3. Optional 1-on-1 diet coaching

  • 4. Progressive workout plans for 2-4 days/week

  • 5. Access to live and recorded group workouts

  • 6. Optional 1-on-1 virtual personal training

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    Here’s an example of the experiential exercises in Total Body Transformation. This one is from a reading called “What’s Eating You?” where we explore stress eating.

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