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Body Intelligence For Business

Body Intelligence in Business?

Madelaine Golec
Madelaine GolecPublished on May 30, 2022

You're likely familiar with IQ Thinking Intelligence. You may have heard of EQ Emotional Intelligence, well BQ is Body Intelligence.

A believe it's time for a new way of doing business that isn't only centered on the rational, analytical, thinking mind. We have so much intelligence that we are not tapping into and I feel with all that is going on in the world we need more conscious leaders and entreprenuers. So let's delve a little into BQ.

Gut feelings, intuition, heart beating fast,holding my breath, butterflies in my stomach, heart melting, heart ache areways we describe a feeling within our body.

Our body has information for us, about whatmight be happening on the inside and/or outside.

When you have an important business decision tomake, have your ever considered tuning into the sensations of your body?

Does your body feel calm, aligned, trusting?

Does your body feel defensive?

Does your body feel like disappearing orrunning away?

Does your body feel shutdown? Paralysed?

Can you stay with the body feeling for a momentwithout judgement? Can you accept its presence and be curious about the natureof the feeling. Why is it here? What purpose is it serving? Is this response a pattern from the past or something new?

These body feelings and responses areintelligent and almost always about protection and survival.

Some common reasons for protective responses:

To maintain control

To be accepted

To have a sense of security

To belong to a group

To feel like an individual with autonomy

When we allow ourselves to become curious aboutwhat is happening within us, new insights/possibilities arise and we actually now have more control about the decisions we make vs reacting.

I also recognize this type of inquiry can bechallenging if you’ve never done it or seen it before. It often takes workingwith another to get comfortable with this type of body intelligence inquiry.

This is why this Membership exists, to create a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals to come together 2 times a month to discuss ideas and share insights, to practice body based techniques to foster more presence and awareness and have opportunities to receive mini-coaching from me.

Let's stay connected.


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