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Bumble Bee Baskets

Jade Anderson
Calgary, AB, Canada

Jade Anderson, Queen Bee and Giftologist of Bumble Bee Baskets had a vision to create gifts that are useful, practical, and filled with delicious items consumers could actually enjoy. To present a gift that no one wants to open because the presentation is so ‘wow’, while supporting local businesses and their products. 

Bumble Bee Baskets is Calgary’s Unique Gift Giving Experience. We offer a wide selection of gifts and gift baskets that accommodate to corporate, personal, and promotional gift giving. We are all about the experience, providing convenience, personal services, while using quality items. We ship across Canada and provide a same day delivery service within Calgary and surrounding areas. Bumble Bee Baskets allows individuals to select or create that perfect gift for a memorable experience. We thrive on people feeling gratitude, excitement, showing compassion for each other. Every gift has a story based around people doing something good for someone else.

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