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Calmer Copy

Leanne de Araujo
Surrey, UK

Calmer Copy represents three different services delivered to reasonable deadlines in a calm manner.

Research - If you are short on time and don't want to carry out research for your project, this package would be perfect for you. Leanne has carried out research for writers, course creators and a psychologist who wanted to gather more information but didn't have the time to do it.

Writing - As a trained copywriter, Leanne can help you share your message with your audience and if you're not sure who your target audience is yet, Leanne can work with you to discover who this is. Leanne's first niche area is in the wellness industry also working as a yoga teacher for the past number of years. She has worked with a coach, a personal trainer and also the owner of a healthcare agency. However, her passion for learning has also led to her working with the education, real estate and construction industries with great results.

Editing - The third point of the Calmer Copy packages is editing as Leanne's absolute love of reading has led to her qualifying as a editor/proofreader and she is working as a Content Manager for one of her projects and whilst she loves this project she has some time to spend with other clients who would like her to cast her eyes on their copy for guidance on improvements. This is especially worthwhile for SEO blogs as Leanne has gained knowledge in this area

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