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Candy Event Consulting

Lisa Gareau
Calgary, AB, Canada

If you are planning or promoting events for your business, organization, or group, welcome to the club ... aka. the "Candy Community"!

As a Connection Strategy Coach, I know any event, meeting, conference, or gathering can become an energized "connecting point" where your team, clients, customers, or community can gather and grow.

With over 30 years of event planning joys and hard knocks, and 13 years since founding Candy Event Consulting, I continue my work of empowering everyday in-house and do-it-yourself event planners like you to confidently "embrace their brilliance, activate their experience, and cultivate meaningful connections" with their clients, customers, teams or community members.

Join our subscription waiting list, watch your email inbox for our official launch, and get ready to embrace YOUR brillance, activate YOUR experience, and cultivate meaningful experiences through the events you are planning!

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