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Cass  Testing
Cass TestingPublished on April 29, 2021

I just like chickens so much. Have you ever hung out with them before? They're funny and run around and are a little chaotic, but they also make this stream of soft little noises that are so gentle, and I love them. I have a very fond memory of working on a property in the south of France when I was about 25, and I'd have to wake up a little before dawn (or anybody else) and go out to garden. As I turned the dark earth the chickens would crowd about my ankles, murmuring, searching for bugs, and the sound, and their quiet feathers moving, and the sky and the air full of light mist and the sun rising, and it was just a pure sweet bubble of private, young joy, so anyway, chickens are awesome. I met this one today in the backyard of a new friend who lives ten minute walking distance from me, and I forget her name... Pearl? But she was awesome.

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