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Cathy McIntosh
Fairmont Hot Springs, BC V0B 1L1, Canada

After years of working in conventional medicine, suffering various health-related issues, the loss of family members to various diseases, and seeing others struggle with lifestyle changes, I felt drawn to help and support others on their journey to health. Making changes and developing new habits that support health can seem like a mountain to climb, but if you start with one simple step, you can reach that goal you envision. In order to be of service, I took health coach training through the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, completed my 200 hours in yoga training, 100 hours in Trauma sensitive yoga training, and am Emotion Code Certified. I am motivated by my clients who take those small steps towards their health goals, attend yoga classes regularly, and feel inspired by those that show up for themselves.

I provided a health coaching service to individuals looking to adopt new healthier habits that support their desired health outcomes. This may be someone who has recently had a medical diagnosis and is looking to make some modifiable lifestyle changes that either they or their physician has suggested. Or it could be someone who has tried to make changes but has struggled and is looking for support and guidance. The main areas of focus are nutrition, stress, movement, sleep, and relationships, all of which individual or combined contribute to optimal health.

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