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Why hire me as your coach? My philosphy about health.

Cheryl Meyer
Cheryl MeyerPublished on May 31, 2022

If you are interested in hiring me as your health coach, I work with people with chronic illness to help them get healthier lifestyle habits into place. What I do works hand in hand with your medical practitioner. I only do lifestyle changes, but they are the foundation for your body to return to balance. I have come to the conclusion that health is all about being in balance. Mental health is also all about being in balance. Your doctor can prescribe medications, but they mitigate the symptoms. You need to have a medical doctor who will work with you on this. As you may choose to utlilize them to get through certain health conditions, our goal, if you choose to work with me, is to return to balance so that eventually you can ween off the medication.

I also work with people who want to start today to work for their future health.

To contact me and set up your complementary appointment so that you can share your health story with me, you can email me at I work via zoom or Skype.

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