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Cheryl Meyer
Cheryl MeyerPublished on June 01, 2022

I was a soloprenuer with a successful wholesale jewelry business. Problem was, I was working 24/7 and not practicing self care. I woke up one morning in extreme pain. So bad, I almost couldn't get out of bed.

I had multiple tests run at my allopathic MD and she came back and told me nothing was wrong with me.....she would prescribe steroids, but in reality, she felt I needed mental therapy.

I knew something was wrong with me. So, I turned my busines over to my staff and started researching. I fell into the Functional Medical community. I listened to 19 symposiums with multiple functional doctore. They all became functional and got that additional training because THEY got sick and couldn't help themselves with their medical school training.

So I made notes. I started with stress. Ends up my cortisol was so low I was almost at Addisons disease. I learned to breathe and to start to rebuild the cortisol in my body.

Then I attacked toxic load. I researched and replaced dozens and dozens of toxins in my life.

It took 5 years, I found my own functional md and ditched my pain.

I decided to go back to school at 67 so that I could be a health coach and help others. 3 years ago, I sold my jewelry business and hung up my Health Muse in In sign.

I now have 2 award winning books (24 awards combined) 2 small books, over 100 podcasts of my own and I have guested on over 200 podcasts that are others.

I now have 2 courses. My first course is how to stop eating the standard America diet and to break the addiction to sugar and chemicals. Its foundational to health. We need to cook, control what goes into our mouths, and to eat for our future health but if you are addicted to what I call CRAP (carbonated, refined, artifical, processed) food it can't happen.

I rewrote my Food Quality Matters class and it now has 12 sessions. It is geared to show you why its important to eat organic, what the toxins being sprayed on our food are and why they are disrupting our health, and then how to find money in your budget to afford it. I help you discover how to pick the most succulent and delicious fruits and veggies, how to store it, how not to waste it, how many toxins are sprayed on each one, how long it lasts. I want you to get the most for your organic buck. I finally show you what the gifts of the plant are for your body. There are now 50,000 phytonutrients, and I share what a miracle they are to our bodies.

I run both courses several times a year.

What makes my courses different?

My detox Ditch the Diet class talks not just sugar, but also chemicals in our food. We have been addicted to both. And my rate of success with clients taking this course and changing how they eat sustainably is about 95%.

My new Food Quality Matters class has information I really had to dig deep for, but will give you a much better understanding of why to eat from the farmacy, how to afford it, and how to not waste it. I has completely changed how I pick produce and store and prepare it. And I am picking much yummer fruits and veggies using my tips and tricks. You will too.

The classes, books and podcasts are all about learning today how to eat for your future health. They are also about all of the pillars of health and how to take care of your body because its the only place you have to live.

Me today-

I feel better at 73 than I felt in my 50s.....

Grow old and thrive. Learn everything you can about how to do this.

I also do one on one coaching if you want to be held accountable to your own health goals. You set the goals and the pace, and I want you to win, hold you accounntable and add tips and tricks along the way.

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