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You can't be great in business if you don't feel great

Cheryl Meyer
Cheryl MeyerPublished on June 01, 2022

This was a speech that I gave at an executive conference Last December. The Smart Fem Summit.

It shares my story of being a soloprenuer, and although I was running a very successful business, I was not practicing self care. My health was bankrupted which could have bankrupted my business. You can't be great if you don't feel great. I got autoimmune disease.

I sold my jewelry business 3 years ago, returned to school and became a health coach so that I can help others in their journey with their health. Today I have no pain from autoimmune disease, and speak,podcast, write and coach to help others over come chronic illnesses. I have 2 award winning books (24 awards total) and now have 2 classes geared toward helping people understand how to eat from the "farmacy" so that they can be their best selves, no matter what business they are building.

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