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May houri
May houriPublished on March 30, 2022

Who doesn't love anything sweet? Ok, maybe a few people, but in general we all technically have a sweet tooth.

Introducing our new subscription kits! With our subscriptions kits, we've made it easier to satisfy that craving when it comes on.

Our DIY baking kits are perfect for those that like to bake but don't always have everything on hand. We curate and handpick the best recipes for you to try each month. All you need are the wet ingredients. This is also great for keeping young ones busy on a rainy day or when the holidays come around and want to enjoy family time together.

These kits come fully charged with the dry ingredients, recipe cards and lots of fun additions like sprinkles, candy toppers, etc. This also makes for a great gift idea!

Subscribe today and save, all while joining a delicious sweets community.

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