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Christine Arseneau
St. Augustine, FL, USA

You know how people w/ chronic Lyme disease, fatigue, pain, brain fog, and anxiety are struggling with symptoms and have been to multiple practitioners with minimal results? I help them reduce symptoms and make shifts in their health by reducing overwhelm in their life and focusing on lifestyle changes that will make the biggest impact so they can start regaining health.

Hi! I am Dr. Christine Arseneau, Pharm.D., FMCHC. In my 14 years of being a pharmacist, I have noticed that a lot of patients with chronic Lyme disease do not get fully well. I was able to heal completely from a devastating Lyme disease diagnosis which is why I am passionate about helping others suffering with brain fog, pain, fatigue, and other major health challenges who are fed up with making some improvement in their health only to have symptoms return.

Unlike other coaches or western medicine practitioners, I don’t focus only on one protocol for everyone or just on the physical body. I use a customized, individualized approach, coming from the functional medicine prospective where we look at root causes, and help clients understand that true healing comes from within - from trusting your intuition and incorporating mind, body, AND spirit so true healing can be obtained and you can find purpose again.

So if you are ready to join a community of health seekers dedicated to doing the inner work, join me for valuable resources, education and coaching sessions that will shift the way you think about healing.

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