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Nutrition and wellness consulting

Myra Yonlia
Kitchener, ON, Canada

Hi, I'm Dr. Myra Yonlia, your Chrono Nutritionist.

I am Chrono Nutrition and Chrono Biology expert with immense experience and scientific knowledge to tackle any diet, lifestyle, and wellness issue, modification, and/or transformation. I hold B.Sc. in Biology, M.Sc. in Cell Biology and Histology, and Ph.D. in Molecular Biology.

After a long career in research and academia, I decided to get into the nutrition and wellness field, so I got certified in human nutrition and life coaching. I am the owner and founder of Chrono Biology Nutrition and Wellness Consulting Company.

I work with families and individuals who want to restore and regulate metabolic, physiologic, sleep-wake, and all other biological rhythms naturally through nutrition and wellness techniques. I can offer you nutrition and wellness assessments, individualized lifestyle recommendations, and consulting on how to prevent and manage the disease through good nutrition and dietary alterations.

I provide a personalized solution to your individual concern and help you transform your health and wellbeing.

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