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Nutrition and wellness consulting

Myra Yonlia
Kitchener, ON, Canada

Hi, I'm Dr. Myra Yonlia, your Chrono Nutritionist.

I combine personalized diet and nutrition planning with trusted chrono biology principles, for optimal healt and wellbeing.

As Biology PhD, Certified Nutritionist, Weight Loss Professional, Life Coach, and Chrono Nutrition and Chrono Biology expert I have immense experience and scientific knowledge to tackle any diet, lifestyle, and wellness issue, modification, and/or transformation.

After a long career in research and academia, I decided to get into the nutrition and wellness field, so I got certified in human nutrition and life coaching. I am the owner and founder of Chrono Biology Nutrition and Wellness Consulting Company.

I work with families and individuals who want to restore and regulate metabolic, physiologic, sleep-wake, and all other biological rhythms naturally through nutrition and wellness techniques. I can offer you nutrition and wellness assessments, individualized lifestyle recommendations, and consulting on how to prevent and manage the disease through good nutrition and dietary alterations.

I provide a personalized solution to your individual concern and help you transform your health and wellbeing.

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