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Toronto, ON, Canada

In my early 20s, I was diagnosed with PCOS and struggled with a number of symptoms. I struggled with the medication provided, and it caused me to have a lack of energy and be irritable. As a young person with a lot of dreams and ambitions, the combination of the medical issues and the adverse reaction to the medication led to depression. And I was losing my zest for life and my fight for the things I was passionate about.

I asked my doctor for a natural alternative or supplement for my issues and was told there was nothing that could help me. I almost felt hopeless. But I reflected on my culture and the natural remedies my grandmothers would give me whenever I was unwell. I began to do research on the benefits of herbs, foods, and juices, and in my search, I came across Ancient Chinese medicine highlighting the core belief that good health begins in the stomach, an ancient notion that is backed by recent science. I took what I learned and added it to what was already instilled within me, "Food is Medicine" and decided to fight back against PCOS by juicing, eating healthy, exercising, and self-care and reversing all of the symptoms that came with my diagnosis.

As my diet and lifestyle changed, my energy, mood, attitude, and relationships improved after making the connection. I reflected on the domino effect of my journey. I learned a profound lesson: the greatest revolution of all is self-care! This revelation ignited a purpose within me to share this wisdom with others.

We are passionate about wellness! Our goal is and support and empower you on your self-care journey with our handcrafted, small batches of cold-pressed, raw, nutritious juice made with local and tropical produce and friendly customer service with a Caribbean flair. We offer a wide variety of 48 different flavours on a seasonal, rotating menu and a holistic, innovative cleanse program that's customizable to suit your unique goals, food allergies, and preferences, helping you leave toxic habits behind. Each drink is made with patience, purpose, and passion for improving your health and your quality of life!

We guarantee we have a juice for everyone. Classic Juice Co. has become a reputable brand disrupting the juice industry with a nutritious, healthy juice alternative.

At Classic Juice Co. ™, we believe that self-care is a part of something bigger. It's something that matters not only for individuals but for society. We believe that healthier people make a healthier planet. "A better you is a better us, and a better us creates a better world."

We are a wellness company empowering you to make healthier choices and leave toxic habits behind with a variety of 48 cold-pressed juice flavours and a holistic cleanse program you can customizable based on your goals and needs. Our customers are health-conscious individuals seeking to improve their lives. Women are the primary consumers of our products.

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