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Being a witness and companion in old age

Claudia Miraglia
Claudia MiragliaPublished on June 03, 2021

Life is a journey that  we undertake by taking the first breath at birth and with the passage of time, we have multiple and different experiences that take us to the day we are in today. 

There are three great things or events that are universal, that every person at a certain point in their life will experience them. These are:

- The breakdown or end of a relationship.

- Moving or having to emigrate.

- To be a witness and a companion of the old age of our parents or loved ones.

Today I would like to talk to you about the third, because it is the one that I am living right now. Many people are afraid of getting old, they avoid talking about this issue at all costs and do everything possible so that the signs of the passage of time are noticed in them as little as possible... But the reality is that time does pass and life it is finite!

Whether or not to adapt to the aging process depends on the personality that the person has developed during the different previous stages of life. It is up to us children or travel companions, to adapt to all these changes that old age brings. 

For me old fellows are wonderful persons, whenever I am in the presence of one I admire and delight myself with their life experiences, with their battles. Many times, we do not realize that entering any stage of life entails changes in behavior and we forget to give the elderly the dignity they so much deserve.

With the arrival of old age, capacities gradually diminish, but in my opinion, what most emotionally influences the elderly are the attitudes -often inappropriate- of their relatives or people around them.

We hope that our elderly loved ones move as before, have the same attitude, talk about topics that interest us... thus forgetting that they are going through a stage that can be difficult. We do not know them, we think that their needs remain the same and the majority of the time these have radically changed.

Today I invite you to take care of the life of that person who is entering old age. As a witness to this process, give him spaces full of love, keep his dignity pristine even though his faculties may be diminishing. 

Connect with those things that both shared and enjoyed before the arrival of this new stage. Be a support and not a critic. Are you preparing to do this? 

Remember, sooner or later we will all face old age. How would you like your old age to be?

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